Dr. Carole Parker, Ph.D.

“Helping extraordinary people live meaningful lives.”

I am an Illinois Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Psychology, and certificates in Career Management, Substance Abuse Treatment and marriage enrichment. My expertise in executive coaching and career counseling helps CEOs and other leaders develop strong leadership skills. For more information on this, please visit www.ceojourney.com My holistic approach provides a healthy balance between a successful work life and a fulfilling personal life. I partner with everyone from middle managers to top executives, and focus on personal effectiveness. I encourage improvement in individual and team performances to create a strong workplace environment.

Outside of business counseling, I also guide couples to overcome changes amongst their surroundings. I work with couples on ways to achieve high levels of intimacy and ultimate satisfaction. My approach is to motivate people into becoming better partners to each other, and creating an overall superior quality of life.


  • California Psychological Association
  • Illinois Alochol and Drug Abuse Association
  • Illinois Board Registered MISA (dual Diagnosis)
  • Certified Career Management

Workshops & Speaking Engagements